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Legend of Basara

Summary by Kitty:
In the future Japan reverts back to a feudal system, with a King as the ruler. The country is lead by his 3 sons: the north belongs to the Black King, around Tokyo is the territory of the Blue King, the south desert belongs to the youngest son, the Red King. This last son, named Shuri, wants to destroy the royal family to build a new world. People in Japan are oppressed, life is hard and they long for something to give them hope. In the desert, twins are born and a prophecy is written; one of them will rebel against the royalty and lead people to freedom. Everyone thinks that it's the boy, Tatara, who is concerned by the prophecy. They are wrong though. The prophecy is about the girl, Sarasa, who will fight for her village, her ideals and for a peaceful world when nobody has to kill and die. She will try to build a new world. But what happens when two people fight for what they both think is the best for their country? And what if they both fell in love with each other, without knowing who they are. Follow Sarasa and Shuri's destiny and tragic love.

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