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Persona - trinity soul -

The story takes place in Ayanagi City, facing the Sea of Japan. It is a futuristic city recovering from the disaster known as the “Simultaneous Multiple Apathy Syndrome”. 17 year old high school student Kazato Shin and his 14 year old brother Jun reunite with their brother, Ryo. Ryo is the chief of police in Ayanagi City despite his young age (28 years old), after an interval of 10 years. It is during these days that strange events begin to occur in Ayanagi City: the sudden disappearance of the entire crew of a submarine; the resurgence of the “Apathy Syndrome” after a 10 year interval; the “inside-out dead bodies cases” where students are horribly killed. As Ryo pursues the organization lurking behind these series of events, Shin, also involved, materializes a grotesquely featured “Persona”. With that, the fate of the brothers begins to change... (from AnimeNfo)

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