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Min Ki Seo and Lee Young Shim will be a couple who hated the sight of each other at first but later developed affections along the way during their daily fights and disagreements. Min Ki Seo was orginally a doctor who always looked down on people and is very naughty as well until he met Lee Young Shim and her child who has aids. Lee Young Shim is a very cheerful and positive person despite the difficult life she has to face. Through her, Min Ki Seo slowly becomes a warm, gentle person because of love. (taken from wiki.d-addicts.com)

Fansub Group: S2
Total Episodes: 16
Status: Complete
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

Screen Caps:

Episode 1 / subtitles
Episode 2 / subtitles
Episode 3 / subtitles
Episode 4 / subtitles
Episode 5 / subtitles
Episode 6 / subtitles
Episode 7 / subtitles
Episode 8 / subtitles
Episode 9 / subtitles
Episode 10 / subtitles
Episode 11 / subtitles
Episode 12 / subtitles
Episode 13 / subtitles
Episode 14 / subtitles
Episode 15 / subtitles
Episode 16 / subtitles

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