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Past Updates

Aargh!! this site is such a mess right now..none of the anime links work, i can't even get onto megashares T_____T please bear with us right now, i have no idea what we're going to do about the anime..(must talk to Katrina) ermm..yeah, and my internet connection got soooo slow, it's unbearable. Anyways, I'm uploading Heaven chapter 3 as I type and I also uploaded Snow White episodes 2 and 4. I'm also uploading Hana Yori Dango, but who knows, maybe my internet will be retarded again and shut off or something. I probably won't be doing much until April because i have the CM!!!!!!!!!! *ack* someone shoot me, i'm so screwed. *cough* sorry, i know that it's a lame excuse, but i'm really stressed about it. kay, so...tata then~
Oh! i also fixed the manga links for Watashi no Ookami and Watashi no Shounen. For some reason, the folder for La Suite d'amour du Chat Noir was empty, so i'll have to reupload it some time.

Something is apparently wrong with megashares, because none of their links work. Hopefully, they'll fix it. I'm trying to email them right now. Anyways, I will get more manga, like Heaven ch. 3 up soon. For right now, we only have drama episodes. Zephyr uploaded Good Luck! episode 2 and I uploaded Snow White episode 3. For some reason, episode 2 didn't upload, so I'll have to try again. ^^
By the ways, the manga downloads are up again, because of our generous host ^^

All Manga downloads are currently down right now until next month (unless we get a bandwith upgrade)
Anyways, Anime: Katrina uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki episodes 19-22. Renaye uploaded Ginban Kaleidoscope episodes 11-12, which concludes this series. By the ways, she was also the one who uploaded The Law of Ueki (not alphabeta) and also the radio will not be working until the end of April, when alphabeta comes back. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 20.
Drama: I uploaded Pride episode 11, which marks the end of this wonderful drama.
Manga: since they're all down and I was lazy/busy, I only uploaded Love Monster chapter 46 for online reading T___T I'll try to get more done!

Welcome our NEW STAFFY~~~ woot! she's uploading Good Luck!! (the drama) and has already uploaded episode 1!! I uploaded Pride episodes 6-10, only one more episode to go~ Katrina uploaded Meisou Kuiki chapter 5 and Shuffle! episodes 5-6. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 2. Sorry, i've been pretty inactive T__T i've had to do one 10 page essay and another 3 page essay this week...and since i'm so bad at writing, you know how long it took T__T sorry, i'll try to upload more manga onto photobucket. Thanks for your patience again~
Oh! by the ways, alphabeta is currently studying really hard (he should be >.<) so he's isn't uploading anime right now until april..or something like that.
We also have a new Affliate~ Misty Sensations, please go check out her awesome site!
[edit] I uploaded Snow White episode 1 in the Drama Section! [/edit]

Sorry for not updating in so long T__T Katrina has uploaded lots of stuff for you: Gokusen episode 1, Tenshi na Konamaiki episodes 9-18. For manga, she's uploaded all of Lady Masquerade and Good Father (i got the permission long ago, but i totally forgot XD) and Meisou Kuiki chapter 4. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 19.
..errr now comes the sad part..*tear* i only got to uploaded Meisou Kuiki Chapter 4, Yurara no Tuski chapter 5, and Maison de Beauties chapters 1-2 on online reading T__T i know it's a sad case...
oh! i almost forgot, Katrina uploaded Shuffle episodes 1-4.
I tried uploaded on sendspace a couple of times last week, but for some reason sendspace's server was unstable so it would stop halfway T__T ..i'm trying something new, I went back to filefront and uploaded Pride episode 5. It's extremely confusing, because I had to zip it up and rename it something lame T__T bad me~

Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 18 and Alphabeta uploaded Yakitate Japan episode 30. Katrina uploaded some manga, but I don't have loads of time right now, so I'm going to try to link them tomorrow ^^ sorry! I had a really busy weekend. Sorry!

Okay. There has been waay too many people asking for manga releases when the scanlation group has not released any (except Meisou Kuiki) which means that they have not been reading the disclaimer. Let me just tell you that you are wasting your time posting and asking us, because (this is my LAST time saying this) we don't scan/translate/edit any of the manga/drama/anime, 'kay? So you are just wasting your time, annoying us, and we are not going to answer anymore.
Anyways, to the good part, Alphabeta uploaded the Law of Ueki episode 36 and Ginban Kaleidoscope episode 11. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 17. Katrina uploaded Dating now episode 8. I uploaded Pride episode 5 and Hana Yori Dango episode 1 again. I believe that sendspace was having some server problems, but many (if not most) should be up and working.

Katrina uploaded Dating Now episode 6-7 and I uploaded Pride episode 4.

Katrina uploaded Yurara no Tsuki. The drama thing is now being a big hassle..my internet is really retarded, so it's going EXTREMELY slow, and while i'm uploading i can't upload other things or download anything..so just to let you know that the drama will take a while!

hehe, today, we have Yakitate Japan uploaded by Alphabeta episodes 22-29. Then, everyone has to thank Katrina. She uploaded Maison de Beauties chapters 1-9. I'll try to get these onto photobucket soon. She also uploaded Mai Otome episode 17.
I know all the drama links need premium, I was really stupid T__T and forgot, so i'll have to upload that all over. It'll take awhile though...anyways, I think that's all... wait..actually, Katrina also uploaded Dating now episode 5.

Sorry, no manga updates yet because I haven’t been on my computer for very long yet, no time XD I promise next week! Anyways, there is a lot new anime episodes. Alphabeta uploaded Yakitate Japan episodes 11-22, and Katrina uploaded Ginban Kaleidoscope episode 10..(actually i'm not very sure who uploaded it, but i'm assuming Katrina?). Kitty uploaded Blood+16.
Drama releases: Katrina uploaded Dating Now episode 4 and the Gokusen Special in zip file. I also uploaded Pride episodes 5 and 6 as well as Hana Yori Dango episode 1.
I have a bit of news for the drama fans, I have decided to host My Name is Kim Sam Soon, however, I know that some of my affiliates are also hosting dramas and some of them don’t have a “pending/future” list, so if any of you know any of my affiliate sites who have announced that they will host My Name is Kim Sam Soon, then I won’t host it. I would also like to know if you fans out there prefer the faster low quality releases or the high quality slow releases. (please tag or email me) Also, Hana Yori Dango will be sort of like a fun project for me because the files are so big, it’s low on my priority list. (it might just be a weekly release type thing) Here’s the drama priority (for me): Pride, Snow White (I love this drama XD), My Name is Kim Sam Soon, then Hana Yori Dango.
For the manga requests that I’ve received, I’m sorry, I lied. I will try to get them up by next week (at the latest) I hope!! My deepest apologies!!  wow, that last sentence sounded so like out of book or movie…

2/15/06 [2nd update]-InnocentStar's Rant
*sigh* this is getting frustrating. Ok, PEOPLES! I will be making the Disclaimer more CLEAR when I have time. AnimangaNetwork DOES NOT SCAN/EDIT/TRANSLATE any mangas/anime/drama, THEREFORE do not ask why manga updates are so slow or when is (insert manga title here) going to come out, because the answer is:.... we don't know! Also, I'm starting to ban people who ask this as well as people who say bad stuff about the staff members! All of AnimangaNetwork staff members have worked really hard to bring you this site despite our own personal lives (oh, believe me, we have lives here XD) SO, please do not ask when blah and blah is coming out or say that blah is so mean etc. If you really have a complaint, just email it directly to me, and I'll try to help in any way that I can. Anyways, if you read this (which is usually the people who don't need reminding =p) you'll know that Pride episodes 3 and 4 are out ^^ ~bleh~

Sorry for being so slow to update T__T anyways, lots of anime today, no manga sorry. Orange uploaded Bleach episodes 13-15. Alphabeta uploaded Yakitate episodes 4-10. and Law of Ueki episode 35 and Ginban Kaleidoscope episodes 8 and 9. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 15.

Katrina uploaded Gokusen Special and Dating Now episode 3. I'm still trying to figure out FTP, so please be patient T__T Sorry!! I'm so slow at learning *tear*

Alphabeta uploaded Yakitate Japan episodes 2 and 3. Katrina uploaded episode 2 of our new drama, Dating Now! it's our first Korean Drama ^^
Unfortunately, our descriptions of the manga download chapters were erased, so i have to do all the descriptions over for them, meaning you can't download until I do so, so I will try to hurry ^^ please be patient, thanks!
[edit] Katrina uploaded Dating Now Episode 1 [/edit]

Katrina uploaded Mai Otome episode 14, Alphabeta uploaded Full Metal Panic: 2nd Raid episodes 3 and 10 and Yakitate Japan (we're restarting this project) episode 1. I'll try to upload more Pride episodes soon, I didn't have time today, sorry ^^

Katrina uploaded Mai Otome episodes 15-16!
Katrina also uploaded Daa! Daa! Daa! chapter 20 and Swan Lake chapter 3. By the ways, if you haven't noticed, I changed all the downloads to the new link. Also, until I can figure out how to operate on FTP (which may take awhile XD), all new downloads will be on temporary links ^^

New drama: Gokusen episode 12!! YES! finally finished it ^^ And our new project, Pride (about hockey) I uploaded the first two episodes. Be warned, the first episode is about 700 MB! I also encourage everyone to check out the new radio section...hosted by alphabeta (haha XD) Anyways, yeah. If you guys have any request for a manga series, please email me because I'm running out of projects.
[edit]Katrina uploaded Mai Otome episode 13[/edit]

2/5/06-2nd update
I'm now turning over my anime coordinator position to Katrina, who is from here on out in charge of anime updates. I will still be uploading, however I won't be the one coordinating things. I'm now trying out something new. There is a new section, radio, which I will be in charge of. You can now all enjoy some anime music while reading manga or surfing on the web. For now, just click here. However, because my computer needs to be on during this time, it will only be available Monday through Thursday (time zone: GMT-08:00) Pacific Time: 10 AM to 10PM and on Friday Pacific Time 10 AM to 4 PM. Each day, there will be different songs from different anime series. Benefits: No commercial, Anime Music none stop! Loss: none!

Kyaa!! i love weddings ^^ I just went to one yesterday, so cute! Anyways, thanks for the feedback about Eden no Hana! I uploaded volume 4 part 4 (the unfinished version) today on download and photobucket. I also uploaded Gokusen episode 11! only one more episode to go!
New Anime: Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 6 and Katrina uploaded Mai Otome episode 12! Enjoy~
Oh! we also have a couple more wonderful photobucket donators!
[edit]Charisma Doll chapter 7 is out on download and photobucket [/edit]

2/2/06-[2nd update]
I would just like to thank all those WONDERFUL donators, who gave us a photobucket accounts! They've really saved me! I've taken down Baby Love because I noticed that Enchantment had the project before we did, so gomen to them! I didn't notice. There are so many projects to keep up with ^0^ Sorry!
I also took down Crimson Hero, because it was licensed. (I should've taken it down a long time ago, but I forgot T__T)
Onto the goodies, I'd like to thank DGT for giving us permission to host Eden no Hana. It reminds me a little of Kare First Love. Anyways check that out. I uploaded volumes 1-3 on download and on the photobucket accounts (that everyone so generously donated ^^) I will try to upload volume 4 today, but I'll see.
New drama included Gokusen episode 10 and the last two episodes of Kimi Wa Petto!
[edit]I just uploaded Eden no Hana Volume 4 parts 1-3 on download and photobucket. [/edit]

Got some new drama for you!! Gokusen episodes 7-9 are up! More manga will come later~~
I am also desperately looking for photobucket donations. Please help us in donating one! Just go to http://www.photobucket.com and sign up for a free account and send us the username and password.

InnocentStar has her science fair project to do, so i just put up the links. Katrina uploaded Mai Otome episode 11 and Gokusen episode 4.

New Manga updates: Katrina uploaded Daa! Daa! Daa! chapter 19 and Tokyo Juliet Chapter 9. I uploaded Meisou Keiki chapter 2 &3, Special A Chapter 2, and Tokyo Juliet Chapter 9 on photobucket.
Drama releases: Katrina uploaded Kimi Wa Petto episodes 7 & 8 and I uploaded Gokusen episodes 5 and 6 (sorry, i don't have episode 4).
A reminder to you all: We appreciate any comments in the tagboard EXCEPT spam and when is (insert manga) coming out and start READING the disclaimer. For most of you, it's not a problem, but a couple fans out there need to read it!!

I know that some of you have been asking about some reuploads, however I don't have any control over the projects. The staff uploads whenever they have time. Anyways, onto new uploads:
-Katrina uploaded Mushishi episodes 5-9 and Mai Otome episodes 8-10
-Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 14!
I will be uploading more episodes this week, I promise!

*cough* i'm so lazy *cough* I think everyone should seriously thank Katrina because she has done EVERYTHING for this site. Anyways onto the goodies from her: She's uploaded Gokusen episodes 1-3, Kimi Wa Petto episodes 1-6 AND onto the manga, she's uploaded Meisou Keiki chapter 3 and Vitamin chapters 9-12.
I would honestly hug her if she were standing next to me right now. Anyways, sorry I don't have anything to give you right now, especially since I'm not even on my computer (on someone else's), but just a little news, Nagareboshi Manga scanlation group has given me permission to host Pichi Pichi Pitch Melody and Daa! Daa! Daa! and they've really nice to me, so thank them also. I'll have the new releases up soon on photobucket. Thanks for your patience! and hope you have a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

Some new anime: Ginban Kaleidoscope episodes 6-7 and Rozen Maiden ~traumend~ episode 10 are out. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episodes 12-13. Orange also uploaded Bleach episodes 9-12.
So far these are the broken links being worked on, please tell me if there are anymore.
Kaikan Phrase: 17, 19, 20, 21
mahou sensei negima: 4,8,9,10,12,13,16,17,19,22
ginban Kaleidoscope: 3

uugh, i'm so out of it. So i started to upload Gokusen episode 5, but the speed is RIDICULOUS! The SBC! yahoo guy came to our house and tried to fix the slow internet, instead he made the upload speed SO SLOW! it used to take me 3 hours to upload one episode (300MB) and now it's taking me 12 hours!!! So, if this continues, i may have to stop the drama (unless Katrina is going to upload) for now. T__T" I'd also like to ask for some help. Apparently, someone deleted (from my family) Gokusen episodes 1-4 from my computer, so i'm asking if anyone was willing to upload it for me? Please email me soon! No manga updates right now, and i will try to upload the new chapters of Special A and Meisou Keiki on photobucket. Also, you may be seeing some MAJOR "photobucket bandwith exceeded" because apparently it'll be all gone in a few days. Anyways, that's all. Thanks for your patience, and also to remind all of you that AnimangaNetwork DOES NOT SCAN/EDIT/TRANSLATE any of the manga they are hosting, so please do not ask when _xinsert title herex__ is coming out. Thanks again for your patience!
Also, I'd like to thank Stolen Wind and Christina for donating photobucket accounts ^^

We have a new staff member, Orange. She's uploading Bleach episodes and has uploaded Bleach eps. 1-8! Renaye uploaded Ginban Kaleidoscope episode 5 and Law of ueki episode 32. Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 11.

Sorry, there was no New Years gift. I was really busy. Anyways, right now I'm so screwed with school work, so all i do is leave my computer on to upload things T__T" I have Gokusen episodes 4-10 up. I tried uploading episode 11 about 4 times! each time, when it got to less than a minute left, it would log me out, which *cough* made me throw things at my computer. I've also done a lot of thinking (ok, just a little..can't help it, thinking makes my brain hurt XD) and because there are TONS of manga sites out there, plus i don't really read manga so much anymore, I will not focus all my computer time on manga. Seriously, even some of my projects can be found loads of places elsewhere, which kind of makes my time uploading them worthless, so I will be uploading more drama/anime. Of course I'll still be uploading manga, but just not a lot. (By the ways, if you read this ridiculously long post, you'll be able to find out that I did upload Meisou Kuiki chapter 2 and Special A chapter 2)
Which also, brings me to the point of drama. I'm going to start uploading Pride after Gokusen is finished. I'm still not sure how i'm going to upload Kimi Wa Petto, because Filefront obviously hates the series and banned it as illegal (although I don't really think it is) Anyways..i'll figure something out. I also uploaded Love Generation episode 1, but it's not out yet, because i'm not too sure about the series. oh! i forgot about Hana Yori Dango! yup, i'll be uploading that. Just to tell you, Pride, Love Generation, and Hana Yori Dango episodes are about 700 MB each, so it will take me TONS of time to upload them, but they are really good quality episodes! Anyways, that concludes my small update. ^^; I won't be updating a lot this week (or at least i shouldn't be because i haven't started my science fair project, and it's due this friday) But starting next week, maybe only i have finals the week after T________T" which i can only say that I'm officially screwed for them ^^" Anyways, hope you're having fun with your lives ^^
Oh! forgot, someone in the tagboard mentioned My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I don't know where to download it, and I do have the DVD version with English subtitles, but I'm not too keen on uploading a non-fansub version.

Merry christmas eve! lol, sorry, innocentstar lied. Renaye uploaded Ginban Kaleidoscope episode 4 and Law of Ueki episode 31

Merry Christmas Eve! i had time yesterday to upload Kimi Wa petto episodes 1 and 2, but no time to post, so i'm updating now. lol, eps. 1-2 are up~


We're celebrating Christmas early, because I highly doubt we're going to have time over this weekend. I'm really busy with all the parties and other stuff. So anyways, sorry for the whole downtime. I'm going to be updating for Alphabeta, because he's kinda busy right now. For manga, we have a new project, Baby Love. It's only on downloads right now, because I haven't had any time to upload onto photobucket. Next, anime. Some pages were deleted, so I had to find all the links again and put them up. Let me know if I've missed any. New anime: Kitty uploaded Blood+ episode 3-10! Katrina uploaded Mushishi episodes 2-4. Renaye uploaded Rozen Maiden ~traumend~ episodes 8 and 9 as well as Law of Ueki episode 14 and Jigoku Shoujo episode 3 and 4.
BIG NEWS! We are also, as a little winter break treat going to host dramas! yup! We have loads of projects, however, because they're so big of files, it's might go really slow T__T" anyways, right now, we have Gokusen episodes 1-3 on. Currently, we're only going to host Jdorama, but in the future, we may consider korean drama. Anyways, have fun downloading!
-updated by innocentstar

Yurara no Tsuki chapter 4 is out on download and online reading. Have fun!
Also, if there's any broken links, please tell me either via email or tag. Thanks.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! lol, it's prollie all over, but anyways, I just found out that Love Monster chapter 44 was released by ShoujoMagic. So I uploaded it for download and online reading. Enjoy~

Mar episode 17 uploaded. Kitty uploaded Kaikan Phrase episodes 40-42. Renaye uploaded Law of Ueki episode 26 and Ginban Kaleidoscope episode 3 as well as the codec for it.

Finally, I have something, sorry, i'm so busy and no group's released anything. Anyways, I have Daa Daa Daa! chapter 18 on http and online reading. Enjoy!

We have three new affliates. Please visit their sites. Ok, next we have Black Cat episode 5. Mai Otome episode 4-5, Rozen Maiden (2) episode 2. We also have a new project uploaded by Renaye, Ginban Kaleidoscope episodes 1-2. She also uploaded Law of Ueki episode 29. Kitty uploaded Kaikan Phrase episodes 37-39. Katrina uploaded the rest of Beck. Also, Mar 19-21 is uploaded.

Sorry for the delay. Black Cat episode 4 is uploaded as well as Mär episodes 1-16. Katrina uploaded Beck episodes 16-22. Kitty uploaded Kaikan Phrase episodes 35-36. Renaye uploaded Jigoku Shoujo episode 2. and our new project Rozen Maiden ~traumend~ (the sequel of Rozen Maiden) episode 1. and Law of Ueki episode 17.

Katrina uploaded Vitamin chapter 8 a long time ago for you guys, i just put up the link ..sorry. Anyways, i'll try to upload it onto photobucket soon. Thank for the patience

Sorry for the lack of updates, i've been so busy. Anyways, we have a lot of anime episodes today. First off, Renaye uploaded Law of Ueki eps. 6 and 10, as well as our new project, Jigoku Shoujo eps. 1. Then Kitty uploaded Kaikan Phrase episode 33-34. I also uploaded Black Cat episode 2-3. AND our new project Mai Otome Remember our first anime project, mai hime? yup, this also by the same artist. I uploaded episodes 1-3.
And also, for the manga fans out there, Innocentstar just finished her SAT II's yesterday, so she should be updating pretty soon..

Nothing new, just that i got permission from Perpetual Dreams to keep on hosting Tokyo Juliet, so we're not dropping it. here's a list of what we are dropping: Blooming, Crimson Hero, and Pichi Pichi Pitch Melody. All three are licensed.
I also, put up Daa Daa Daa chapter 17, Vitamin chapter 7 and Tokyo Juliet chapter 8 onto photobucket, so they are available for online reading. Tell me if there are any more chapters that aren't online.
I'm also going to be pretty busy because i have SAT II chemistry and math in two weeks T__T;; and i'm screwed, so i have to cram. wish me luck~

Kitty uploaded Kaikan Phrase episode 32.

ok, Katrina uploaded Tokyo Juliet chapter 8 up for you guys, however! we have NOT gotten permission yet, so it might be our last chapter, depending on whether or not we receive permission. Also, pichi pichi pitch melody has been licensed. so we will be dropping that project within a week as well as crimson hero, however if you still like that project (since i think ivyscan is still doing it) you may get it from the forum (ask for it).

Loads more of anime!Katrina uploaded our new project, Beck episodes 1-15. Kitty uploaded Kaikan Phrase episode 25-31! I uploaded Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid episodes 8-10 and Bleach episode 51. ALSO, we have a new anime project, Black Cat. episode 1 is out. Have fun!

Sorry, no manga updates, but just a reminder, I just caught someone putting up AnimangaNetwork's photobucket links onto their own xanga. DO NOT DO THAT!!! that is rude and disrespectful. Please! especially since we DID NOT scan, edit, or translate those scans and we had to ask permission. DON'T DO THAT! so whoever's done that, please take those links down immediately! thanks.
On a lighter note, we have a new staff member, Forfirith, who is our new layout designer. Welcome~

OMG!! I AM INCREDIBLY AND INTERNALLY(?) SORRY!! i totally neglected this site...well i've been so tired, sleeping at 2 am every morning gets really tiring..anyways the WONDERFUL AND AWESOME STAFF has some stuff for you ^^
Katrina uploaded Vitamin chapter 7 and Daa Daa Daa chapter 17. Daphne uploaded A Fairy Tale for you on photobucket. Bella uploaded the rest of Watashi no Shounen onto photobucket.
We also have a new affliate, Spicy Strawberries ^^ kyaa~ go visit her uber cute site! Also, Alphabeta uploaded Bleach episode 50 and Renaye uploaded some Law of Ueki episodes ^^
....i think that's it for now, i'll try uploaded Watashi no Shounen chapter 4 (i just found they had a chapter 4) and uploading the others onto photobucket. Thanks for your patience ^^
We are also in need of layout makers!! please contact me!!

WE are going on a short hiatus for about a week or two! Sorry ^^
We are also looking for layout makers!!! if you know how to make/design a layout, please email us at animanganetwork@gmail.com!!! PLEASE! thanks~

There are no new releases because the scanlators haven't released anything so please stop bugging me about it T__T;; it's getting really tiring, just read the disclaimer on the LEFT SIDE!! anyways, we do have Watashi no Shounen uploaded by Bella, our new staff member. We have some new photobucket helpers, Bella and Daphne, and a new IRC helper, Roxane. Vickstar also wrote another fabulous summary for A Fairy Tale for you.
WE are also in desperate need of photobucket DONATORS! please contact us to apply! thanks!

Renaye uploaded the Law of Ueki episodes 1 2
Bleach ep 48-49 are up!

Thank you, Scott for upgrading my bandwith ^^
Yes! another complete project ^^;; called La Suite d'amour du Chat Noir. I think it's by the same author as Watashi no Ookami.
I also uploaded story 1 of Fairy tale for online reading ^^;; sorry, it's taking me so long to get these onto photobucket so...I'm going to ask for helpers ^0^
Open Staff positions
Besides the regular open spots of anime uploader and manga uploader, I was wondering if anyone would like to join the AnimangaNetwork team as a layout designer/maker. Please contact me as well as send me a sample of your work.
Another temporarily open spot is a manga uploader who uploads the manga onto photobucket. Please contact me for that ^^.
I also updated the staff page into people who are inactive and active. For those of you who are inactive and want to become active again, please email me and vice versa.
We also have a new affliate, Manga Hider! yah~~

Renaye uploaded the Law of Ueki episodes 1 and 14.
I also uploaded Bleach episode 47.

Yah! we have a new project, called Watashi no Shounen! it's very cute~ It's under the complete section. We only have downloads now, but there will be online reading soon ^^;; hope you enjoy~
[edit]Okies~ more manga, Katrina uploaded Saint Dragon Girl Miracle chapter 3 and Crimson Hero chapter 12. Both are on http downloads and online reading. I also uploaded a new project called Watashi no Ookami. Right now it's only on downloads, but i will try to get it onto photobucket soon. I also uploaded the rest of Love Witch onto photobucket, so they're now available for online reading. Enjoy~
Oh! and also, chapter 12 of Crimson hero will be the last chapter we'll be hosting, because it's licensed, so we'll have it for one week or so and i'll take it down. Sorry T__T;;[edit]
I'm sooo sorry for the site being down, but i prollie wouldn't have updated a lot cuz i had summer skool anyways ^^ ok now for the updates:
-Love Monster chapter 42 ~ sorry for the long wait!
-New project: Swan Lake, chapters 1 and 2
-Another new project Vitamin chapters 1-4
-Misao uploaded all of Goth (it's in the complete section)
* I am looking/in desperate need of manga helpers to host more projects!! please email me if interested ^^ thanks!
oh! and also, Vern uploaded Eyeshield episode 2

We're back! sorry for the inconvenience! So right now the anime I just uploaded is Yakitate Japan Episode 34, I can't find episode 33 so i'll upload it when i find it. We also have Full Metal Panic: 2nd RAid episodes 1-3! It's a sequel to Full Metal Panic.
Also! Vern uploaded Eyeshield episode 1 again.

-Katrina uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki eps 27-28
-I uploaded Ichigo 100% eps. 11
-AIR eps. 10-12 is out as well as reuploads of 1-7
-Himeno uploaded our new series, Kaitou Saint Tail eps. 1
-Umiko uploaded Mahou Sensei Negima episode 4.

Some more Daa! Daa! Daa! chapters! Katrina uploaded chapters 11-14. We also have a new future project, Goth. If you have any suggestions, please tag us.

Katrina uploaded more Tenshi na Konamaiki for you!
-Tenshi na Konamaiki eps 24-26 uploaded by Katrina


ok, *sighs* I'm glad everyone loves the mangas, but please READ THE DISCLAIMER!!! i even put it on the side so it's easier to read! WE DO NOT EDIT, SCAN, OR TRANSLATE THE MANGA!! we merely host them online, so people who can't use mIRC can read them. Don't ask when ______ chapter will be out!! it's kinda getting out of hand..for some reason these days, i keep on hearing comments about updating faster. SO, please don't ask that again or I'll have to ban you. THIS IS A WARNING!!!
anyways, onto the goodies...Katrina uploaded Daa Daa Daa! chapters 8-10, also another great summary from Vickstar on Love Monster!

Some more anime:
-Katrina uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki eps 22-23
-Kitty uploaded Ah! My Goddess episode 12
-Umiko uploaded Mahou Sensei Negima episode 3
-NEW STAFF MEMBER! Heartbeat is uploading older episodes. She uploaded Bleach episodes 25-26

Some more anime:
-Katrina uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki eps 18-21
-I uploaded Bleach eps 30-37


yah!! more manga, sorry i've been kinda busy lately. Anyways, we have some goodies ^^ mainly because Katrina is the awesomest and gave me a bunch of chapters!--hmm..well actually today isn't a good day to be celebrating, but here are some relief chapters..
-Katrina uploaded Saint Dragon Girl Miracle Chapter 2 and Southern Cross Chapter 2, which by the ways finishes that project. AND Private Actress Chapter 10!
-Daa! Daa! Daa! chapter 5 is out, and i might have more chapters later today ^^
[edit]Daa! Daa! Daa! chapters 6 and 7 are out[edit]
I know that some people have said that Crimson Hero is licensed so most likely, we'll be dropping that project, but i guess i'll wait a week until then ^^
Also, ANOTHER great summy from Vickstar!! check out the Daa! Daa! Daa! summary.
We also have another photobucket donator, Kireta-sama!! thank her!


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ok, loads of anime this time. Thanks to my staff members! i'm really busy this week and next week so i might not be able to upload as much anime.
-Katrina has uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki episode 17
-Himeno uploaded the LAST EPISODE of kanon, episode 13 (another finished project)
-Trinity Blood episodes 7 and 8
-Bleach episodes 27-29
-Kitty uploaded Ah! My Goddess episodes 10-11.

Katrina has uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki episode 12-16. Yakitate Japan episode 31 and 32 is up. Also Himeno has uploaded Kanon eps 11 and 12.
By the ways, Innocentstar says to tell you that her computer just crashed so she's trying to download the Daa! Daa! Daa! chapters again.

Katrina has uploaded Tenshi na Konamaiki episode 10 and 11. I'm going to upload Yakitate Japan eps 31 and 32 really soon.

Sorry, my comp is acting wierd so there might not be a lot of anime this week (Sorry!) but Katrina has uploaded a lot of episodes.
-Tenshi na Konamaiki eps 6-9
-Bleach eps 25-26
-Trinity Blood eps 6


=( bad news no manga right now, but i'll have some for you soon!! i promise, especially cuz Katrina's helping me A LOT!! *hugs katrina* anyways, summer skool is much harder than i expected (geez teachers don't know how to relax over the summer!) plus my computer's retarded plus i have guests over!! well...onto the good news, we do have a new staff member, Misao!!! she's going to be an anime and manga helper!! thank you~~~ anyways, ciao..for now!
Oh! also....you guys are KILLING the bandwith!!..hehe it's not your fault and plus the month's almost over but just to let you know, in case the site goes down on the last day or something! Build to learn has been warning me five times. *sweatdrop*